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Meet Kyle

Kyle has been drawn to the healing qualities of sound and music since his earliest memories as a child. Growing up, his father, an ambient musician, Kyle often felt the energetic effects of hearing long drawn out tones and patterns, making him feel calm and evoking imagery of the skies and space. Kyle spent years of his life performing and studying mallet percussion, growing his musical instincts and refining his techniques to play with delicacy and finesse. As ancient practices of sound healing have slowly found their way back into the landscape of modern society, Kyle realized that this craft was already deeply embedded within him and perfectly aligned with his skillset and approach to life. 


Since that point, Kyle became certified in Integral Sound Healing and has been spreading his gift for creating intentional and meditative sound experiences around the Philadelphia area.  

Benefits of Sound Healing for your Health & Wellbeing

Balance your Energy

Stuck emotions create energetic imbalance in the body which over time can manifest as disease. The powerful vibrations of Sound Healing can help to move that stuck energy around and commonly brings those old emotions to the surface, letting what is present for us in our bodies be accessed, shifted, and moved through. This helps create a clean slate for us to feel more ease and balance within our bodies.

Quiet your Mind

Disengage from those noisy thoughts, increase your conscious awareness, and open the channels to your higher knowing as you let Sound Healing ease you into a state of meditation. If you have an active mind or have difficulty finding inner stillness, sound healing can be a beautiful tool to help get you into meditation and stay in it longer.

Stimulate your Nervous System

The Nervous System is one of the most complex  systems in our bodies. It’s the communicator between our brain and all of our major organs. It allows us to breathe, move, think, and even controls all of our sensory information. Sound Healing is proven to positively stimulate the Nervous System, creating what is known as a Relaxation Response. This is where our Nervous System has communicated to the body's organs that it is safe and free to fully let go and relax. 

Grow your Awareness

Become more tuned-in with your body, your senses, and your connection with all life and energy.

The internal spaces supported by Sound Healing 

are the spaces from which we heal and expand as conscious beings in an ever conscious universe. 

Alli Cavanagh, PA

"Kyle has a true gift of healing the mind, body, and soul with sound while offering a welcoming environment filled with love! Whenever I’m washed over with a sound bath by Kyle, I have clearer visions of the future."

Lynn Gallagher, PA

"A sound experience with Kyle is physiologically, emotionally and spiritually transformative. With his layered approach of incorporating multiple healing instruments and his extensive percussive background, the body/mind/spirit experiences a cacophony of harmonizing sounds to allow a complete dissolve. Each session is intuitively crafted to support total restoration. What a gift!"

Alysha, PA

"Every sound bath I’ve attended with Kyle has been a very grounding and restorative experience. The moment I step into the room I feel supported and at ease. His sound baths are a beautifully woven together blend of instruments that soothe my nervous system. I always leave feeling calm, relaxed, and peaceful."
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